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Otherworldly (literally) EDM from Maahir Shah

Colts Wolf

Anthemic alt-rock from the founding member of Days Difference


A female-fronted Rage Against the Machine. But harder.

Ghost Monroe

If the swamp at midnight under a full moon had a soundtrack

Gold the Gray

If you poured whiskey on a turntable...


Dark EDM from the lead singer of The Rigs


Pop music. But sexy. Maybe too sexy. Definitely too sexy for pop. Ok, not pop. Pop's darker, smarter, sexier, more interesting cousin.

Leatherface Sombrero


80s dance/pop showed up in the 21st century


The purest of pop

Morgan Cornwell

Maybe the most beautiful album you'll ever hear

Nova Darlings

The Rigs

Anthems, not genres

TJ Stafford

Raw rock


The X Ambassadors had a baby with The Black Keys and named it Walgrove

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